University of Batna 2

Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages

Department of English

Culture and Civilisation of Language (CCL)



FALL 2015 (October)

Course Description:

The aim of this course is to provide students with a general overview of the English and American Cultures and Civilisations from 5000 BC to Modern times. This course is chronologically designed in a way that helps the learner have a precise idea on facts and events. This will help to build a better understanding on the subject matter.

This course will begin with a general overview on the History of Britain which streched from 5000 BC to the 20th century. This will describe the stone age era, the Celts and the Roman occupation, the Anglo-saxon and Viking period, the Middle Ages, and we will conclude with the Modern Great Britain. The second part will cover the conquest of the Americas  and the reasons begind the USA developement and economic growth. The last section of this course will be mainly dealing with Renaissance, Cultural awakening and Mythology which is in direct relation with nowadays Western cultures.

Required Readings:

For a better understanding of the contents of this course, we kindly advise you to read the following articles and books:

1. Introduction to British History and Civilization

2. Introduction to American History and Civilization

3. Introduction to Renaissance

Recommended Reference/Textbooks:

Renaissance in Europe: Meaning, Causes and Results of Renaissance

Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology

. The Impact of Greek and Roman Mythology on the Western Culture

This lesson is about the  tenses in English language. it aims at mastering the different uses of these tenses in both written and spoken English.

This course covers written expression module designated for first year students, LMD system. The main subject in this course is sentence writing.
This course is dedicated to the first year students LMD at the english languages linguistics department.
It focuses on the study of social Human sciences, with a specific study of the subject of Psychology